Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hillside Terrace Hosts Solstice Soiree!

The Alzheimer’s Association of Michigan had a Mix, Mingle & be Merry Solstice Soiree on Thursday, December 21, 2017. This special event was by invitation only. However, this year was even more special because Hillside Terrace Retirement Community in Ann Arbor hosted the event!

This gathering gave donors an opportunity to join the Alzheimer’s Association efforts to help make a change. Guests learned about the vital work of the Alzheimer’s Association, including the care and support they provide to families and the latest advances in research. There was no charge to attend; however, guests were asked to address the growing needs of our community by making a contribution. 

“We’re so happy to be hosting this year’s Solstice Soiree!” says Trey Litz, Director of Community Relations at Hillside Terrace Retirement Community in Ann Arbor. “Donors are incredibly important in order to find a cure to help end Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Do you or a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease? Then you know how hard it is and how important donations are to the Alzheimer’s Association of Michigan.

Thinking About Moving to a Memory Care Facility?

We can help your family create peace of mind. When you’re at home, you’ll know your loved one is in good hands. Discussing moving your parent into assisted living can be a scary thing, but it’s the reality of so many in this country. 

For more information about memory care in Ann Arbor and the other services we provide, visit us at, or contact us here! Hillside Terrace – “Where our family shares life with your family!” Schedule a tour today!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Celebrate The Winter Solstice!

The winter solstice is almost here! December 21, 2017 marks the longest night of the year! We’re stepping up our fundraising efforts for the Longest Day and want to let others know that we’re continuing our fight against Alzheimer’s.

This holiday season, give a donation in lieu of a gift!

It’s the season for gift giving! Not sure what to ask others to give you for Christmas? Ask them to donate to a great cause instead! You can make an online donation and print out a holiday card to let them know you’ve donated on their behalf.

All donations to The Longest Day are tax-deductible and will help advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

We hope you have the happiest of holidays this season!

Donate to our team today!

Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Make Great Tasting Food for the Senior Palate

Worried all the nutritional concerns that come with older age will turn you cooking bland? Cooking for a senior who’s even pickier than a toddler? Want to make tasty food that meets all your senior nutritional needs?

Good nutrition can be a great medicine, keeping us strong and active throughout our senior years. But as certain medical conditions start to creep in with old age, it might be recommended that you cut out certain foods you used to rely on for flavor in most of your dishes. 
hospice care ann arbor

But that doesn’t mean your new menu has to be bland or unappetizing! To make tasty food suitable for your nutritional needs, check-out our helpful guide to cooking for the senior palate:

  • Replace bad fat, like saturated and trans fat, with the good, like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in avocado and nuts. 
  • Substitute pureed potato or cauliflower for cream in recipes likes soups and pastas for a creamy texture minus fat and calories.
  • Take a class to get out of your cooking comfort zone and find some good ideas for meals you never considered before. 
  • Include naturally sweet foods, depending on blood sugar needs, but avoid added sugars and sugar substitutes. 
  • Cook softer meals like soups, stews, and braised meats for satisfying, complete, easy-to-eat meals. 
  • Cut salt without losing flavor by adding fresh herbs, spices, onions, garlic, wine, or vinegars. 
  • Incorporate healthy snacks and smoothies to supplement diet and add a nutritional boost. 
  • Recreate comfort foods and other favorite dishes to entice anyone with a lack of appetite. 

With these tips, you’ll practically be a gourmet chef! Or at least you’ll be pleasing anyone you cook for and keeping them healthy, too. If you have more questions about cooking for seniors or hospice care in Ann Arbor give us a call today. At Hillside Terrace, our family shares life with yours. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Combating Senior Isolation This Winter!

Want to help yourself or a loved one avoid isolation as winter approaches? Need help fighting winter isolation for a senior in your life? Want tips to help preventing winter isolation from experts in hospice care in Ann Arbor?

Past their sixties, the older a person becomes, the more likely they are to live alone. As mobility and other health concerns become more of an issue, living alone can lead to a greater risk of isolation. In winter this can be a particularly big issue when many seniors worry about slippery conditions and moving around in bulky clothing and visitors may be less likely to stop by.

To help you combat senior isolation this winter, we’ve put together a list of our top 7 tips to stay connected! 

hospice care ann arbor
  1. Build a Network: It might be harder for family members to visit a senior in winter, so ask neighbors to check-in on them once week. You can also utilize other modes of communication, like phone calls or connecting online, to fend off isolation. Try putting a weekly call in your calendar to help you remember!
  2. Keep Them Nourished: Nutrition is incredibly important when it comes to keeping seniors feeling their best, but meal prep and cooking can become a real challenge. Help seniors stay nourished by arranging meal or grocery delivery. You can take a big task off their to-do list and free up their time for socialization and activities. 
  3. Get to Know Community Services: Make sure seniors are familiar with the local senior center, senior transportation options, and other senior services in the community. AAA can be a good resource for discovering and locating all that’s available in the community. 
  4. Tackle Medical Concerns: Being proactive addressing health and medical conditions will help seniors feel more confident to get out or take visitors at home. Help out by making appointments for them, arranging for medical supplies to be delivered, and etc. 
  5. Mobility Assistance: Keep encouraging and reminding seniors to use their aids like canes, walkers, hearing aids, glasses, etc. to keep them moving and engaging with others easily and safely.
  6. Transportation: Offer and arrange rides to appointments and activities. You can use community senior transportation services, private services, or simply call a taxi!
  7. Consider Assisted Living: A facility designed to keep seniors healthy, active, fulfilled may be the best bet to combat senior isolation and other concerns that become too much for family members to take on. 

With these strategies to combat isolation this winter, the senior you’re caring for should get through the season happily and confidently. If you have any questions about helping a senior through winter or other needs from assisted living to hospice care in Ann Arbor, give us a call today. At Hillside Terrace, our family shares life with yours.