Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6 Keys to Living a Longer Life!

Do you want to be strong and live a long healthy life?

Are you wondering what the secrets are to longevity?

We wondered the same thing! So, we did a little bit of research to find out what people are saying about the keys to living a longer life. According to Psychology Today, research has found that people who are destined for a long life do these things:
Elderly Care Ann Arbor

  1. Connect with others
  2. Associate with healthy people
  3. Develop healthy habits
  4. Help others
  5. Stay physically active throughout life
  6. Are moderate worriers
Do you practice any of these traits seen in people living longer? It’s never too late to improve your health, body, and mind. Taking baby steps is a start!

At Hillside Terrace, we help our residents stay active with life enrichment activities like Bingo, NuStep, Volleyball, and Scrabble to nurture and stimulate the mind, body and spirit.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Healthy Aging: What Can You Control?

Everyone has a family history that may pre-dispose them to different health risks and diseases, but it’s never too late to change your habits. The one thing you do have control over is your lifestyle! Making a change now for the better can have lasting effects on your body.

WebMD suggests the following reasons why 70-80-year-olds look and act decades younger than they are:
  • Refusing to take it slow – A common misconception is that older people should take it slow. We’re here to tell the naysayers that moving around is good for the human body, no matter the age! So, fight the urge to sit around and get outside and stay active.
  • Taking a daily walk – Walking helps keep your bones strong almost no matter how far the distance.
  • Read the newspaper with your daily morning bowl of oatmeal – Reading can help ward off brain changes that lead to Alzheimer’s, while the whole grains in oatmeal may help prevent heart disease.
  • Downsize your portions – Overeating can lead to obesity and diabetes, which can shorten your life.
At Hillside Terrace, our "Aging by Choice" philosophy allows flexibility of options for our residents and their families; you choose what is best for you, and we make it possible. We’re confident in our ability to provide the best quality of care, the security, and the family atmosphere that you are seeking! We warmly invite you to see the difference we can make when your family shares life with our family.

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